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Dowry Kalyanam Tamil Full Movie : Visu, Srividya – HumTube

  • Watch Dowry Kalyanam Tamil Full Movie

    Starring : Visu, Srividya, S. V. Sekhar, Viji
    Director : Visu
    Producer : S. Suseela
    Music Director : M. S. Viswanathan

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    1. One of my fav movie in visu directions 😘

    2. மாப்ள வீட்டுகாரன..அடிச்சு துரத்தூங்கடா….😬😬😬😬

    3. மாப்பிளை வீட்டு காரனா பெரிய மயிரா?
      இப்படி தட்சணை வாங்கி பிச்சை எடுத்தூ ஏன்டா கல்யாணம் பன்றீங்க?!thooo….
      பெரிய மயிரா மாமியார்?!…

    4. The message in the movies is only in last few minutes.. rest the movie is not good.. you don't encourage people who ask dowry!!

    5. comment box tells still drama lives and high budget is not a must.

    6. GAP10 Good performance. Good movie by Visu. MN Nambiar very good acting.

    7. vary nice movie
      Ceylon sutha

    8. will we get another visu? who makes such movies nowadays

    9. this movie reminds me of it's a wonderful life movie.

    10. crazy celebrities. celebrities have gone crazy. fans got shocked when kareena kapoor smashed on the news reader in public. she must be mad.

      i found this clip here => bit.ly/15GTCP3?=cveqw

    11. good wedding for new wolde

    12. last part is missing… link pls

    13. visu always best story teller

    14. Even though wht i told is having a point i dont want to argue on something really useless and grab the religion in to it. It better for me to apologize and be quiet. 🙂 For your information i'm also from an asian country and this dowry is a must in the surrounding cultures. 😀

    15. ok im sorry. i removed my comment.

    16. Thanks for uploading this movie. Could you upload his other movies like Kudumbam oru Kadambam, Pengal Veettin Kankal and Engal Veettu Ramayanam? Thank you.

    17. Is a marriage or son selling business…. there are much stories has been released based on dowry… how much ever it comes people are doing to change they will be always the same…. marriage enra namela pure business tha nadakuthu….

    18. good movie tom ur correct but visu has given ur thought at the ending of the movie so it conveys the message what u like to convey.

    19. unmaiya sonna ithu oru nalla padame kidaiyathu.Ipidi dowry kedkiravangalai naiya adikira pola adikanum.Athavidude avanga istathuku ellam kodukira pohla oru padam eduthirukke koodathu.Ithu oru thappana eduthu kaadu.Ipidiyana pengalal thaan inum pen kulanthaikalai kolluranga.Intha maathiri maamiyar,manamagankalai road le nikka vachu sudanum.

    20. thanks
      Please Upload more VISU Movies

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