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Hush Little Baby Lullaby Collection | Songs for Babies to Sleep by HooplaKidz | 66 Min – HumTube

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    This collection consists of the most popular lullabies and nursery rhymes of all time. Sing along to these soothing and calming lullaby songs for babies to go to sleep with Hush Little Baby, Rock a Bye Baby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and many more songs brought to you by HooplaKidz.

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    Track list
    (00:00) Hush Little Baby

    (02:19) Rock a bye baby

    (04:25) Star Light Star Bright

    (05:07) Little Boy Blue

    (05:58) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    (07:22) Hey Diddle Diddle

    (08:30) Ice cream Song

    (10:08) My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

    (12:28) Rainbow Song

    (15:41) Lavenders Blue

    (17:37) Oranges & Lemons

    (19:00) Five Little Speckled Frogs

    (22:09) Toy Land song

    (24:01) Wee Willie Winkie

    (25:51) I Had A Little Nut Tree

    (28:09) One Potato Two Potato

    (29:52) Round and Round the Garden

    (31:26) Little Peter Rabbit

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    1. I'm 13. No it wasn't for one if my nerves or nephews or one of my cousins

      It's for me 😁😂

    2. Baby Lder Am Besten http://bit.ly/2CW0M9x
      Kindersitzgruppe inkl. Sonnenschirm – Kinder Sitzgruppe 2 Bänke + Tisch

    3. It's making my mum go to bed for me in my bed

    4. Thanks hooplakidz me have two baby's and he i loved you songs listen Every day

    5. Nice poem I like it so much

    6. These are outstanding rhymes….terrific…..superb…..

    7. best song to play to help my baby to sleep. grazie

    8. My brother loooovvvvveeeeessssssss iiiiittttt

    9. I'm 19 and I still see this when I cant sleep XD

    10. I just posted this hilarious skit


      Please SUBSCRIBE and let me know what you think

    11. Who's here to get themselves to put asleep

    12. My mom keep on telling me to go to sleep but I can not so I looked at this and it is making me sleepy.😴😴😴😴

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    14. my brother love's this song so much😘😘

    15. It worked for my cousin but my other cousin was making noise
      # me😃

    16. I'm a 22 year-old guy who sleeps by this video.

    17. this is great my put my lil sis to sleep in 1minutes I will subscribe and tell my mom about this vid and I will like

    18. My grandson love this….
      It’s a perfect song for baby….

    19. My brother son is sleep by this baby song i love it😍😘 now he's sleep

    20. This has helped my daughter since she was 9 months old, she’s now 2 and anytime she has a hard time settling down I play it for her and it helps every time!! Thank you! The only part I don’t like is the end, it has woken her on very few occasions when you say “Hi I’m Annie…” but I get you need to get people to subscribe. If you ever make another version it would be nice to leave that out and maybe play the songs a third time 🙂

    21. sooo sweetttt!!! thanks a lot, I really like it! Plz let me know name of song and singer? 🙂

    22. Love All Your Songs My 3 Years Old Daughter Listenning To It Every Night From When She Was Born And Sometime I Fell A Sleep Quicker Then My Daughter 😃Thank You For These Lovely Songs From Slovakia ❤

    23. Hello I’m looking for the lullaby of Mathew Mark Luke and John and can’t find. I had a cd a long time ago that I had bought from England where it was wonderfully recorded but now I can’t find at all. Thank you

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