Watch…The movie opens with Raghav (Gautham Karthik) in a foul form in a hospital mattress with medical doctors attempting to revive him. The flashback then exhibits him as an aspiring boxer who has a tacky buddy bonding with energetic dad Mr. Chandramouli (Karthik). Elsewhere a veteran name taxi firm proprietor Garuda (Director Mahendran) is receiving a finest businessman award for the seventh yr in a row and a younger entrepreneur Vinayak (Santhosh Prathap) operating a rival firm tells him that he desires to beat him the subsequent yr. Angered by the teenager’s aspirations the veteran seemingly begins plotting his downfall by means of his henchman (Mime Gopi). In the meantime Raghav falls in love with a younger lady Madhu (Regina Cassandra) and Mr. Chandramouli helps him get her. Murders and robberies begin occurring in Vinayak’s Go name taxis and the remainder of the screenplay offers with how the hero’s dad will get concerned with it and an excellent tragedy happens. The hero will get out of the hospital however with a incapacity and the way he hunts down the antagonist who’s revealed in a shock climax twist, varieties the remainder of the screenplay.



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