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Lets Talk Trailers | Baaghi 2 | Kuber Sarup – HumTube

  • Watch Kubar Sarup’s unique take on the trailer of Baaghi 2, sequel to the 2016 action film Baaghi, starring Tiger Shroff. Tiger plays Ronny, who has been entrusted with the task of hunting down a little girl who has gone missing. While tracing her he encounters all sorts of evil men. They are played by competent actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Deepak Dobriyal, Randeep Hooda and Prateik Babbar. The film also stars Disha Patani

    The video has been co-produced by (Alive Digital Network) ADN.

    Baaghi 2 has been directed by Ahmed Khan and also stars actress Disha Patani. The film releases on March 30.

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    1. ??? You let down FC TODAY by your observations, yes I agree with the last scene but the rest was really good

    2. Cold …tiger Ko pehle hindi bolna sikhao….sach me wo torture wala to ghatia shot hai hi..last 4 logo ghtne rode wo alag…esse achcha to south ki purani movie dekh lu…..Rambo Ko bhi copy mara hai alg

    3. Jisko baaghi 2 dekhi hai shauk se dekhe lekin ek baat yaad aap sab rakhiyega ki Bollywood ko script churaane ka honsla aur aisi faaltu maar dhaad waali filmein banane ki himmat hum log de rahe hain.

      2017 mein Bwood filmon ka kya haal raha yeh sabko pata hai aur agar hum logon ne apni soch nahi badli toh aage bhi aisi hi movies banti rahengi. India mein sabse badi samasya illiteracy aur regressiveness ki hai. Hum log achchi filmon pe jaise Padmavati par bina wajah ka bawaal khada karte hai aur wahin doosri taraf Baaghi 2 aur Tiger zinda hai jaisi filmon ko sarahtey hai jinmein koi story nahi hoti( ya churaayi gayi story hoti hai). Jabtak hum apni soch nahi badlenge tab tak Bollywood aisi ghisi piti filmein banata rahega !!!

    4. Somebody phucking fix this mic

    5. Cool, this new segment, with lots of O's 👌

    6. Do a trailer review of pari-not a fairytale tale.

    7. This movie is a remake of Telugu film 'Kshanam' which is a thriller and the original film had almost 0 actions scenes, they completely screwed up this movie with unnecessary action scenes

    8. If i were you i would say….
      The writer doent matter because it is damn remake of a tollywood movie, the trailes reviles soo much.
      Spoilers : disha patni sucides before climax, this moment is in trailer. Look.

    9. Bakwas…laga trailer aur super se upper wala flop mereliye

    10. U should mention that it's a official remake of tollywood movie, Bullshit Bollywood

    11. They have spoiled telugu film varsham in bhaagi and now they are after another telugu movie KSHANAM…..😢

    12. Is Tiger getting a danda message while being tortured or what? Idiotic, his chiseled , oiled up body in police detention, Geesh what a stupid looking movie, my GOD what crap we have to deal with, Definetey a skip

    13. Good to see Hindi content in film companion.

    14. Great plz continue this ,this was awesome

    15. Garibon के actors 👉🏼Tiger, Disha patani 😂shity film

    16. Tiger Shroff's have KG fail IQ. His films are 0 level IQ films.

    17. Tiger Shroff is overacting king.

    18. Film companion – lets not stoop so low. Trailer reaction and review is the lowest form of film journalism and critique.

      There are teenagers and firangs who are fake oohing and awwwing at our trailers to get views. We expect higher standards from this channel.

    19. Bhai gold hai manoj bajpai jo kar sakta hai vo tiger nhi kar sakta but i confirm jo tiger ker sakta hai vo manoj sir nhi kar sakta hai dont compair bro he is best in his style. Ye to wahi baat ho gai virat kohli bating acchi karta hai but ball nhi kara pata hai to iska ya matlab nhi hua ki vo cricket accha nhi khelta hai

    20. what did I just watch ? sorry but what was the point of this video ? I mean it was literally like you explained that dimwitted trailer to us, and it seemed like a walkthrough of it, i mean if you think your audience is that dumb then great 🙂 more power to you

    21. Kis chidiya ghar se pakad ke layee iss creative wannabe ko.

    22. Super cold man. Tiger knows only A for Action, not even distantly related to ACTING. Will obviously give this one a miss.

    23. Tum jaisa log bollywood ko badhne hi nhi doge

    24. Song achhe nhi h
      Song ki wajh se 80% success ho jati h

    25. Sound setting can be improved. But other than that, this review was Gold!

      Baaghi 2 looks terrible. Action se something expected tha but it isn't great either. First part at least tried giving Shraddha some kicking scenes.

    26. Garibon ka John Lennon ne ekdum sahi kaha …

    27. I think this movie inspired or remake of Telugu movie "KSHANAM"

    28. Bakwas You are Bakwas….

      You don't have the Right eye to see at films and its Actions…

      App chod do plz

      First Do hardwork on yourself and on your Gesture and posture rather than Commenting on Him and others…

      Get lost

      We are Baaghis

      Baaghi 10000000000000000% hit jayegi

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