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  • This video shows all the new K-Pop Songs that we could find for this week! — It is released every week just before our Top 60 K-Pop Songs Chart so that you have a chance to look at and research new songs before voting. Comment below if you think I’ve missed anything. ^^

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    Songs included:

    Intro Song: Friday Night – Sonamoo

    93 – EDEN
    Baby Funk – NAUL
    Bongjeseon – DYNAMIC DUO ft. SURAN
    Boots – GUGUDAN
    Can I See You Again – MIRYO
    Far Away – NICK & SAMMY
    Good Bye – HONG JINYOUNG
    Good Night – EDEN ft. JUKJAE
    Gorgeous – VAV
    Missing You – JOYPARK
    My Best – SOULIGHTS
    My Story – NAEUN, JINSOL
    No Switchin’ Sides – DOK2, THE QUIETT, HASH SWAN, CHANGMO
    Only Then – ROY KIM
    Rewrite… If I Can – AILEE
    Run Away – MONA
    Separated – NA YOUNG KOH
    Star – YANG YOSEOP
    Sweet – OLNL
    Will Be Fine – PARK BORAM

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    1. Welcome back to thew NEW #KPOP SONGS video! I've made a huge mistake with the first song's title. I forgot to change it from "Allergy" by Risso to its actual name, which is 93 by #Eden! Sorry Eden fans! ~

    2. WOW!!! Good new songs!!! <3 <3 <3
      WOW!!! I will listen to "Far away" and much more!! :3 <3 <3

    3. koh nayoung is on fire man

    4. These videos are so helpful! Thank you!

    5. Boots by Gugudan is mentioned in the description box but I don't think I saw it in the video 😳

    6. I didn't know a single song but this week's releases are so good??


    8. wow I really like this week's new songs <3

    9. Does Monsta X's In Time qualify for the chart?

    10. VAV 💞💞💞💞💞

    11. when sonamoo shown for the intro im shook

    12. i'm surprised to see VAV in the thumbnail! but then after seeing the lack of idols in the lineup it's no longer surprising.. shame that most songs will just be dismissed as boring or weak just cuz they're not your usual idolgroup… ppl are missing out bigtime if they consider good music = mainstream kpop. then again, maybe you should start to separate nonkpop songs in diff chart cuz they'll never stand a chance against mainstream stuffs n this chart is labelled 'kpop' afterall. anyway, i adore VAV's Gorgeous, it's fun n groovy n i'd say it's at least 10x better than their main title song Spotlight for me, it'd be a damn shame if they don't promote this one. n i don't think Spotlight is bad, just that Gorgeous is so much better. i also like April's Naeun n Jinsol song. now that's a breathe of fresh air i needed in kpop.

    13. just listen to the full song of mona … it`s a stronger song than it seems here ^^

    14. coming soon is winner, wjsn, clc, weki meki, boyfriend,…

    15. What about CocoSori?? They released their MV too!!?

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