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Official BAAGHI Movie TRAILER Launch – Reaction and Review – HumTube

  • Official BAAGHI Movie TRAILER Launch – Reaction and Review

    Donathan and Kelly react to a Tiger Shroff movie called Baaghi, the ultimate in hand to hand combat movie.


    Shortly after arriving at a martial arts academy, a troubled young man falls for the girl being wooed by his rival.

    Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsSP0Qszt-U&t=3s

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    Baaghi Hindi DVD – 2016 Tiger Shroff, Shraddhha Kapoor: http://amzn.to/2CMizPK

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    1. I recommended lakshya plz react.

    2. Now react to bhaghi 2 trailer

    3. Guys please react to baaghi 2 trailer.

    4. For Baaghi 2 trailer look out for Baaghi 2 international trailer with subtitles.

    5. Good.. Kindly review baghi 2 as well

    6. Also react on new releasd baaghi 2 trailor

    7. I was jst waiting fr that reaction . . In d end . Ha ha

    8. Hw ru both Kelly and Donathan? 😊 Giggles 😄😄 love the witty conversations as always hahaha…. awesome reactions. Didnt u both like the last leg break scene 😁😁

    9. Also react to Baaghi 2 trailer its been out for more than a week now
      Also there is an international trailer of Baaghi 2 with english subtitles

    10. Baa-ghi, g as ginger, hi as in hindrance

    11. please react to tumhari sulu trailer
      I have been requesting this for a long time

    12. Donathan and Kelly,
      The whip like weapons you saw Tiger swinging at the ground are called Urumi (for pronunciation, think of the 2 words you might say if Tiger was your room-mate and you walked in on him shirtless, "Ooh, roomie!!" Lol!!

      It is about 2,500 years old. The hilt is usually iron or brass, but the blade or blades (some can have up to 32 blades) are made of steel. They can't be iron because you can't flatten iron that flat and that long and have it be flexible. Ideally the blades should be about the length of the weilder's arm span (think wing span). It is very dangerous to both the opponent and the wielder, so it is the final weapon taught. You have to know how to expertly use both the whip and sword.

      India was the first to create high carbon steel which is what allows the sword-maker to pound out the blades to that flatness and length without the blade "necking" (getting narrow then widening again). The steel was variously known as Wootz, Ukku, Hindvi Steel, Hinduwani Steel, Teling Steel and Seric Iron.

      Indian steel is what you saw in Bahubhali. Westerners first experienced it when Alexander got to India. He was sent home with a few bricks of the steel, but the Greeks did not know what to do with it (nor the Romans later). Later during the Crusades Westerners experienced the steel swords of the Arabs (you might have heard of Damascus blades, made with Indian steel) and were very impressed. They had recorded that these swords could cut through their swords easily, but remain sharp enough to cut through a silk handkerchief flung into the air. Trying to recreate this steel in Europe is what led to the Western science of Metallurgy.

    13. Is it just me, you guys think Kelly is becoming more beautiful day by day

    14. React to the 1000 week trailer of DDLJ(longest running flim)

    15. Someones getting naughty in there after watching shirtless Dude 😂

    16. You guys are so awesome! Hahaha!! I think the concept of trailer reactions was made just for you guys! Lol!!! I gotta watch this again. Rofl!!

    17. Awesome reaction donathan and Kelly mam

    18. Please react to Bagghi 2 official trailer please

    19. Great reaction.. After a long time.. Keep it up

    20. Baaghi 2 treller reaction please… It's…. It's very highly viewed by audiences…. It's trending now… It's 35M view in just 5 day

    21. Tiger Shroff is a professional martial artist… you guys did a music video reaction on him as well……… now watch Baghi 2 reaction as well… and he is a son of Jackie Shroff who is a classic superstar of 80's and 90's movies.

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