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Original GhostBusters Theme Song – HumTube

  • GhostBusters Theme Song
    Arguably the best theme song!

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    1. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

    2. I like ghostbusters song it's amazing

    3. Who ya gonna call?

      Those bastards!!

    4. this song excerlent and the tornado siren

    5. Who you gonna call? Thrombolytics!!!

    6. I listen to this all day everyday

    7. This is Best Song For me sub my Chanel on youtube – MrKongo

    8. My teacher loves this song I'll see her tomorrow.

    9. I’m afraid of no ghost

    10. Something weird in the neighborhood hope you don’t call Ghostbusters

    11. If there something dead terrorizing your town.
      Who ya gonna call? Zombiebusters!

      I ain't afraid of no zombies.

    12. "I wanna new drug " with different lyrics

    13. GhostBusters SAY
      FUN SIX GO

    14. Who you gonna call? Surely not the 2017 Ghostbusters!


    16. Toooooooop.Leuke film🎃😦👽💀👍😈

    17. I goed at enchanted kingdom at phillipines inside I keep on crying even my cousins (my cousins are 3) man it was so spooky and somebody touched my legs I keep on pushing my cousins they were slow and I fell down and the creepy guy goed to me I was screaming and the others.was.like OMG may what happened to you. That's the end of my story subscribe to my channel I'm using my profile as in my profile (Ghostbusters theme park story)

    18. I used a song for the magic school bus

    19. Amaze your ghostly friends, be the life of the party!
      Throw your voice from a mummy's sarcophagus!
      Invite them over for a haunting then spring this bad boy on ' em!
      It's a trap! Fly! To late BUSTED! 👻🚫👹🚫💀🚫👻🚫👹🚫💀🚫

    20. I'm a ice pea shooter, I'm a monster

    21. best theme song ever, who doesn't dance with this song

    22. Who you gonna call?

      Those Bastards ! .

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