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Rebecca Sugar’s Adventure Time Songs – HumTube

  • Words and music composed by former Adventure Time storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar, who is now the creator of Steven Universe.

    Playlist of all Rebecca’s original demos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtYSdTorh9ZDijDK4VRZLE10TUto_APDH

    Click CC for lyrics.

    0:00 – Fry Song (Marcy, Finn)
    0:46 – Susan Strong (Finn)
    1:23 – On A Tropical Island (Jake)
    2:33 – Oh, Fiona (Gumball, Fiona)
    3:54 – I’m Just Your Problem (Marcy)
    6:13 – My Best Friends in the World (Finn, PB, Marcy, Jake)
    8:32 – I’m On A Boat (Jake)
    8:43 – Sleepy Puppies (Finn)
    9:31 – All Gummed Up Inside (Finn)
    10:20 – All Warmed Up Inside (Jake)
    11:14 – Working for the Master (Neptr)
    11:37 – Not Just Your Little Girl (Marcy)
    11:57 – Bacon Pancakes (Jake)
    12:09 – Oh, Bubblegum (Ice King)
    13:42 – Nuts (Marcy)
    14:35 – Remember You (Marcy, Ice King)
    16:42 – Good Little Girl (Marshall, Fiona, Cake)
    18:41 – Graveyard Rap (Marshall)
    19:09 – Everything Stays (Young Marcy, Marcy’s Mom)
    20:02 – Everything Stays (Marcy)

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    1. Hey guys, I had to take down the rest of my videos because I ended up getting a copyright strike on one and I'm afraid to lose access to YouTube. Hopefully they don't take this one down but they MIGHT… Savor this one while it lasts, guys… ):


    3. This is nostalgia to me now. I legitimately cried through this whole thing.

    4. 8:19 Lets be honest here, this is the BEST part!

    5. 19:10
      Me: wait… waaaaait is that…

    6. Adventure time is better with Rebecca sugar, now she's gone 🙁

    7. I love how Marceline can have her head tilted fully up to the sky, so the sun shouldn't be blocked by her hat, yet it still does. XD

    8. Why did you eat my fries 😭😭😭🍟🍟🍟

    9. You know it's Rebecca Sugar when it's random

    10. Man season 2-4 my childhood man…

    11. bacon pancakes by far the best

      IT'S SO HOT THAT it's stupid

    13. Marceline’s mom is Rebecca Sugar – my favorite singer of her own songs (though Marcy sings beautifully) because so much raw sentiment comes through.

    14. Honestly every episode that had some of her work is what made this show so special.

    15. I think Link could use a few tips from Finn

    16. Susan Strong

    17. Am I the only one that love the "Oh, Fionna" song?

    18. so basically all the memorable songs. im just your problem and my best friends in the world has always been my favorite

    19. Power Leader: Finn
      Power Best Friend: Jake
      Power Sister: Marceline
      Power Mom-like Friend: P.B

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    21. I nominate Rebecca sugar for an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and an Oscar

    22. You know its a rebecca song when you hear those harps in the background

    23. 18:04 T H I C C ! T H I C C! SLAY GURL! * WILL BE DELETED BY YOUTUBE * * sex talk, indistinct chatter, NO MI DIGIA * Facepalm *

    24. 9:31 Stan cuando rompe con Wendy

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