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Should You Mix Your 1st Few Songs Yourself? – HumTube


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    1. 3 Secrets To Starting A Rap Verse So You Always Kill It

    2. Shout out to all my cool edit pro hustlers 😂😂😂😂😂 with the USB mics💯💯💯💯

    3. I mixed my first 7 songs that wasnt good do you think its time for a real studio ?

    4. When making a mixtape, what comes first? The song titles? or do you write the songs and then make the titles for it?

    5. Great video Rob, I always love watching your videos. I become a Smarter Rapper everyday 💪 Thank You. Here's my four bars 😎

      Im no alcoholic yea I drink, but only on occasion/
      I got mental issues just don't know what to call it let me think/
      I don't smoke cigs, naw it's just beats that I be blazin/
      My girl foreign, every night I get that Asian persuasion And she go down like a basement/

    6. I mixed my first tape on sound clout the rhymes was good but the music quality wasn't there and low-key down grades the whole thing

    7. My 4 bars

      Yes I'm actually rapping now I'm not dreaming/ I'm not the type to rap? I guess my looks are deceiving/ the outside looks good and that's what you're seeing/ this vision I have you ain't believing/ cause on the inside I'm a barbaric heathen/ slash your throat whole you sleeping/ get turned on by the sound of you screaming/ laugh as you suffer breathing/ I'm not good I'm a demon/ evil seed defective semon/ your death is what I'm fiening.

      Please give me tips and your opinions.

    8. Hey Rob I'm 16 but 2 years ago I worked and saved up for a ps4 but I want to buy a Mic and stuff and start recording music should I sell my ps4?

    9. Hi Rob. I've got a question for you and this one is more in regards to singing, seeing how singing and rapping often go hand in hand (for example, on your song: Way Up). So anyways, I'm fairly confident in my rapping ability, but I'm not so sure about my singing one yet cuz I've never really sang before. That being said, I'm wondering if you could give some advice on how to be a better singer (maybe some vocal exercises, among other tips). Cuz I wrote a hook recently that I really like, except it has to be sung for it to sound right. But when I started practicing it, I noticed my voice cracking and I was running out of breath quicker than I expected to.

    10. Smart Rapper, do you have any tips on breathing techniques and how to interpret them in your bars?

    11. Yea rob killing it.
      Daily bars
      It could Jekyll and Hyde
      Or bonnie and Clyde
      Like dental cyanide
      I'm a killer
      My words splatter blood
      Iller than the thriller in Manila
      Matching my face with the voice gives you a chiller
      Michel's thriller

    12. few extremely crude bars…

      An insane brain
      mixed with crazy pen game
      I make trained rappers turn soft
      do I have to cough on the track
      for you to know its a sick rap?
      (p.s. I don't really know how to set up bars… *hint*, *hint*… just kidding man thanks for the amazing videos!)

    13. keep these bars cold
      fake people fold thtas what ive been told
      so i take this advice with whiskey and ice
      people hate on me because im always nice

    14. bro everytime I see you you got a new background that looks even better than last time what am I gonna see next a drop down disco ball with hydrolics? damn

    15. 🕊Shooters fill up my entourage /
      But I’m a one man act, no honor guard /
      Keep the weapon on my side /
      Cause how can you leave your own damn mind 🕊

      My four bars for the day ⬆️ come from my latest track “An Island By Myself” which I personally mixed. Check it out on my page and keep up the work Smart Rappers. ☝️

    16. I started writing as a second nature hobby back in 5th grade (I'm a freshman now) and over the years my writing ability has grown a hell of a lot not to mention learning how to produce since last June. If you're reading this shit is hard and pretty sub par at the beginning but if u keep doing it and doin good work you'll get better guaranteed

    17. Do you think that if I speak Spanish and I learn English, I can be successful in rap?

    18. Good stuff, I’m taking the phrase: “it’s easier than what you think”, because it’s truth, have an amazing weekend man! 😀

    19. I️ mixed my first two songs, y’all should check me out!

    20. Awesome, thanks. Plus, make videos about the less is more theory & how much promotion is too much.

    21. Well it's better to get that experience. Afterwards depending on your setup or where you recorded it might be wise to have someone experienced listen to it.

      Mix until you're satisfied with it. That's the best advice I can provide. It takes practice but you should be mixing during your sessions.

    22. I mix all my songs, I feel it essential for a artist to know about this process. It makes you more of a artist not just a rap..

    23. Personally, I mixed my first mixtape at 13 (Here's one track): https://youtu.be/Ooad9eYKQSI

    24. Fuck with ur account a lot my G keep up the good work 🔥🔥📓🎧

    25. Make a video about how to breathe on your tracks

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