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Songs Played Backwards Have Hidden Meanings – HumTube

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    In this episode I looked at some popular songs that actually have hidden lyrics when played in reverse.

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    5. In eminem rap its not that bad

    6. Yeah it sounds like but it's lyrics are not.
      And when the name of Satan is heard people remember god or else they forget .
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    12. I came here hoping to find Secrets of Wysteria

    13. If you watch godzilla backwards it’s about a nice friendly lizard who rebuilds city’s with his gravity fist and moonwalks into water

    14. Try "This is it" by Michael Jackson, played backwards.

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    19. There is no backward messages in songs,ur just primed to think they are. Here is a test to prove it. Have a friend and play a song backwards and ask what they hear, play the song backwards and say it should say something and ask what they hear.

    20. Anyone else said said “Jesus” over and over again?

    21. Number nine is not turn me on Deadman when it is backwards… It is enin rebmun

    22. I don't know word's to even describe. how does this happen

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