Abhiram (Venkatesh) is a enjoyable loving man sta ying along with his mother and father in London. A bunch of eight individuals gained the competition of Thumps up, which gave them a possibility to tour Europe. Uma (Soundarya) is likely one of the contest winners. Abhiram likes Uma and acts as a tour companion for them throughout their keep in Europe. A shy Uma couldn’t categorical her love in the direction of him so she leaves a message in Abhiram’s answering machine. However Abhiram couldn’t take heed to the message on the proper time. Therefore, Uma presumes that Abhiram doesn’t love her and leaves again to India together with her companions. Abhiram, who occurred to take heed to the message after Uma left, calls up Uma and make a contact together with her. However it’s too late for him, as the daddy of Soundarya commits a wedding for her daughter with Jasjit, the brother of the principle villain. On the opposite monitor, a parallel story is operating by which Jasjit and his gang of goons are trying to find ‘Mahadeva Naidu’. When the daddy of Prasad Babu sees the of Abhiram, he will get frightened and method Jaya Prakash with the . Jaya Prakash needs to remove ‘Mahadeva Naidu’. When Abhiram involves know that Uma could also be forcibly getting married one other man, he decides to come back to Uma’s village to marry his sweetheart. Simply when he comes off the Railway Station, a gang that’s after his life chases him and Uma. They (Abhiram & Uma) might handle to slide off the goons and prepare to flee. Throughout that point, goons once more chased him and he’s saved by Jhansi in a nick of time. She takes him to a hideout the place a gaggle of individuals cover. They clarify him about his flashback. He’s the son of Mahadeva Naidu (Daggubati Venkatesh), who was the savior or Dalitulu and downtrodden individuals of ‘Karamchedu’. He liberated the ‘Dalitulu’ in that space and he was killed by the villains, who’re none however his family members (Jaya Prakash). On the time of killing Rudrama Naidu (son) and Jhansi, (daughter) are taken away by the lieutenants of Mahadeva Naidu in order that they are often saved. On the time of killing Mahadeva Naidu swears that ‘Rudrama Naidu’ would come again and destroy the villains and save the poor individuals. Rudrama Naidu, who’s raised as ‘Abhiraam’, involves know concerning the flashback and remainder of the movie is how he takes the revenge.

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