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Top 10 Worst Songs By The Paul Brothers – HumTube

  • Top 10 Worst Songs By The Paul Brothers
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    While anyone can make music these days, it doesn’t mean that everybody should. Santa Diss Track, The Fall of Jake Paul and The Rise of the Pauls are just a few of the objectionable songs by YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul. WatchMojo is counting down the worst Paul Brothers songs.

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    #10: “Santa Diss Track” (2017)
    #9: “Ohio Fried Chicken” (2017)
    #8: “The Fall of Jake Paul” (2017)
    #7: “I Love You Bro” (2017)
    #6: “YouTube Stars Diss Track” (2017)
    #5: “The Rise Of The Pauls (2017)
    #4: “Saturday Night” (2017)
    #3, #2 & #1???

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    1. Why is there a top ten… all the songs are bad smh

    2. Outta my hair is not even a bad song

    3. Here is a challenge: Find a good Paul brother song. Find one? No, it is impossible.

    4. Logan suck was jake Paul best song and how can you take this seriously when they put Asian jake Paul as the best diss track

    5. Of course number one is everyday bro.The song sucks!

    6. I T S E V E R Y D A Y B R O

    7. Most passive agressive video ever😂

    8. seriously don't care about this because I don't care what everybody says, Logang and Team 10 person comin' through and you picked all the songs I liked and the other ones I haven't listened to.

    9. No team 10 is doing this for fun not logan

    10. Everydaybro has almost 200 million views let’s see you make a song with that much

    11. Logang sucks
      is one of the best diss tracks on YouTube Andy do it in one day

    12. How about u shut up because they make better music than u

    13. no one cares ab your opinion watch mojo those are great songs

    14. I love you good bro is inspiring for people who don’t get along with there

    15. This guy does not know what music is

    16. Fall of Jake Paul is the most viewed video of Logan songs

    17. Santa diss track is one of his best songs and he is a YouTuber and that’s what you tubers do Of plugging their Murch

    18. Dude stop. Stop being a troll and go make your own videos instead of trying to get views for your vids. Just go,go and say how much your own videos suck cuz they do… REAL BAD

    19. He's jealous because he can't get views and make any songs

    20. WTF is that Logan diss track is the better music he never do🤨

    21. I can tell you that u don’t know who the heck Jake Paul or Logan Paul is you go make some music video and we’ll judge you don’t pick this fight u would lose

    22. Even one word of those songs is better than this whole video

    23. I like the first one the whole song actually

    24. I like almost all the Logan Paul ones on here

    25. The most annoying song is ur opinion the fall of jake paul is cool

    26. 2k dislikes, salty Paul fans

    27. all of these are cringy and where is the remix of it's every day bro

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