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Top 100 Rap Songs Of 2017 (Year End Chart 2017) Part 1 | Reaction – HumTube



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    1. Anyone know who the hoe ass weak nigga that gave them their 1st strike?

    2. You say this is a disappointing turn that music is making… but you listen to this music sooo….

    3. How drose make it that song trash

    4. What was good about No Frauds?

    5. i did not know there's so many A$AP's

    6. Damn Dee doesn't know about rich chigga, now Rich brian

    7. 90% of these songs could have been made by the same rapper… Dear God that shit is annoying, everyone sounds the same.

    8. IMA big Chris Brown fan but I really didn't like Pills and Automobiles

    9. damn this list is shit ass so far

    10. Gates the first on the list that’s dat booty meat

    11. Here's a bit of helpful criticism. NOT HATE . Don't judge a song's popularity on whether YOU have heard of it or nah . There could be a song that's doing mad numbers in Spain but because you haven't heard about it doesn't mean it's not popular

    12. Youngboy jus a keep blowing up🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾

    13. i wonder what youtuber they talking about, hmmmmmm

    14. why bother doing a reaction if you just gonna look down at your phone?

    15. This isn’t real hip hop. Now no gags on that bullshit and sound like some singing and rock music

    16. Do y’all react to CinemaSins vids or are they to long?

    17. Did dee just say ''RICH CHIGGA WHO IS THAT''?! Im sleep

    18. Please react to team bad best moments

    19. I thought you said the album was disappointing

    20. Lol this some ignant muthefuckers up there

    21. Xo tour life will probably be number 1 or 2. That was probably 2017’s biggest hit

    22. most of them are auto tuned and shit lyrics

    23. No frauds was trash the fact she had features on a diss track for one person(remy ma) meant she is whack as fuck

    24. They don’t look healthy

    25. Which youtuber blocked there reaction?

    26. react to Mike Tyson Owning Reporters

    27. Low key it was Asap Rocky’s year. I didn’t notice until I saw this.

    28. Some of these wasn't bad

    29. I hate how some of these higher up songs are worst than the ones before it. Like you're telling me D Rose is better than Met Gala, Get right witcha and many others👎

    30. why did 68 kindof sound like the gay hiphop songs tho

    31. Xo tour life was the most shitiest song of 2017 that song was so annoying

    32. What YouTuber are they talking bout

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